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Payment Facilitation

Quicker and easier onboarding, control of payments flow, and increased revenue.

Payment facilitators (PFs), also know as PayFacs, are software platforms that make it easier for their merchants to execute legal terms and accept payments.

PFs offer a better merchant onboarding experience; they have more control over the flow of funds, and they can significantly increase their payments revenue. As a result, many independent software vendors (ISVs) have made the move to the PF model in recent years.

Typically ISVs will establish wholesale pricing, referral, or rev-share agreements with the payment processors they use to process payments on behalf of their merchants. If you are a software company that would like more ownership of the payments experience on your platform, enabling more control of the onboarding process, reporting and funding operations, and the fees your clients are charged, the PF model may be worth exploring. 

Software companies considering payment facilitation have 3 models to choose from

Become a Registered PF

This option is best for larger software companies. Requires upfront investment, development of policies and procedures, building a payments infrastructure, signing an agreement with a sponsor (acquiring bank and processor), and taking on full liability.

Utilize a PF Platform

This is a good option for medium and large software companies who do not want to assume the full responsibility and liability of being a registered PF. Instead these solutions offer a hybrid approach to payment facilitation. 

Use a Payment Facilitator-as-a-Service or PayFac-in-a-Box Solution

This is a good option for smaller or mid-size software companies. PFaaS providers offer a turnkey solution and supply all of the necessary tools and infrastructure to run your payment operations.


Expert Payment Facilitator Guidance


Each PF model offers unique advantages. We assist you in identifying the model that best suits your organization by evaluating factors such as your annual payments volume, margin and revenue share from payments, comfort level with related roles and responsibilities, and tolerance for risk and liability.

Vendor Assessment & Selection

After assessing which PF model best suits your business, we will recommend providers whose solutions and features best align with your business model and goals.

Market Insights

Our relationships with industry players, independent experts, and thought leaders keep us informed about the PF market, enabling us to provide you with the most current and relevant insights.

Navigate the complexity of payments with confidence

Get started today.

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