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Merchant of Record

An alternative to building your own payments stack.

Scaling your software business internationally requires you to offer a localized experience in the countries where you intend to operate.

This includes local languages, currencies, and payment and delivery methods. Managing local tax requirements, compliance, risk and fraud are also vital aspects to take into consideration.

Managed Payments Solution with Global Reach

Merchant of Record (MoR) platforms, indicative of their name, serve as the merchant of record on behalf of the businesses that use their services. MoR platforms will establish local entities around the globe and build a payments infrastructure within those local entities for the benefit of their clients. An MoR platform is an intermediary between a retailer and its customers, taking ownership of all financial components of eCommerce transactions.  

This covers management over the entire payments process including transaction processing, compliance, risk, and tax management on behalf of the businesses using their service. An MoR platform's responsibilities also include:

  • Cancellations, refunds, and dispute resolution.

  • Customer support for payment related disputes. The MoR platform(s) name will appear on a customer's payment statement.

  • Product/service monitoring.


Some MoR platforms offer white labeling.

Seamless Payments Behind the Scenes

As involved as a MoR platform is in your payment process, they don't impact the primary purchasing experience for your customers. Customers will still visit your website, or your clients’ website (if you are a software platform), and purchase as usual.

The MoR platform will receive the initial payment, deduct fees and taxes, then transfer the remaining amount to you.


Expert MoR Guidance


By partnering with an MoR, businesses can offload operational tasks related to international payments, compliance, and other liabilities. We help you determine if the MoR model is a suitable fit for your business

Vendor Assessment & Selection

It's important to consider global market expertise, payment capabilities, tax compliance, currency support, transparent pricing, and responsive customer service when evaluating MoR providers. We take all of these factors, and more, into account throughout the selection process

Market Insights

Our relationships with industry players, independent experts, and thought leaders keep us informed about the MoR market, enabling us to provide you with the most current and relevant insights.

Navigate the complexity of payments with confidence

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