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Fast Payments

The speedy transformation of money transfer.

Fast payments (FPs) are any payment where the transmission of the payment and the availability of funds to the recipient occur in real-time and near real-time, 24/7. 

Closed Loop Payment Systems

Closed Loop systems refer to payout options from a single provider in which both the payer and payee maintain an account with that provider in order to transact. E.g. PayPal, Payoneer, Venmo, Square Cash App.

Open Loop Payment Systems

Open Loop systems enable payers to transact with a larger group of payees, even those with accounts at separate financial institutions (FIs). Payments are authorized and settled among various FIs through a shared network, such as VisaDirect, Mastercard Send, FedNow, and Zelle.

Settlement Methods

Settlement, the manner of which a payee's FI receives funds from the payer's FI, also plays a role in FPs. 


  • Deferred settlement - the payee's FI makes funds available to the payee prior to receiving funds from the payer's FI. The deferment can be up to a few minutes, a day, and in some cases even longer. The payee's FI takes on risk as they are essentially extending short-term credit to their payee. 

  • Instant settlement - the authorization and settlement of funds between the payer's FI and payee's FI occur in real-time and near real-time, and the funds become available to the payee just seconds after receipt by the payee's FI. Because the payee's FI received funds prior to making them available to the payee, the payee's FI does not take on any credit risk.


Expert Fast Payments Guidance


FPs are gaining popularity for their ability to enhance efficiency and profitability in commerce. We assist you in determining if fast payments are suitable for your business and, if so, which type of system and platform would best suit your model. 

Vendor Assessment & Selection

Most firms choose closed-loop services; larger ones may directly integrate with open-loop systems to create custom platforms. By understanding your unique requirements and use cases, we offer insights and recommend the system and providers that best align with your business model and goals.

Market Insights

Our relationships with industry players, independent experts, and thought leaders keep us abreast of developments in the FPs market, enabling us to provide you with the most current and relevant insights.

Navigate the complexity of payments with confidence

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